Monday, January 28, 2013

Feeling Blue?

I cannot believe I am saying this but.. the semester is over! I thought this day would never come!
After a full immersion in school books I can finally breathe and dedicate some well deserved attention to myself. And what better way is there to relax than to dive in to a pool of blue sparkles at the Renato Balestra Alta Moda fashion show in Rome?

Yup, Sunday January 26th 2013 is a date I will celebrate from now on.
It is the day of my first fashion show! And the day I broke my iPhone... Again..
Let's avoid that subject.

I will start out by saying everything turned out exactly the way I had imagined. Minus the part where I shatter my phone, but we can pretend to forget about that for now.
As I flip through my still vivid memories I am literally overwhelmed.
The people, the clothes, the jewelry, everything was simply amazing. And I would post photographs, if my phone were alive! OK no more bringing that up I promise.
Anyways, as I was saying, the clothes, the clothes, the clothes!

From the glamorous and fashionable show-goers to the overly lucky models, I could not stop looking around with sparkling dreamy eyes. And thanks to my non stop scrutinizing I was able to hold a two-second-at-maximum eye contact with Silvia Venturini Fendi (a.k.a. Head of Accessories of Fendi and one of my most revered icons)!!
But back to the clothes.

The color blue was definitely the outright star of the collection. A blue that was at times regal and dramatic, and others rendered more delicate with the appearance of white elements.
The music, the flowers, the jewelry, it was like a slice of sky had fallen on earth.

And what would a sky be without it's beloved sparkling stars?
I caught myself quite a few times staring in adoration at the unbelievable jewelry and the blue and white gems that twinkled on the flirty cocktail and evening dresses.

Of course I was sharing all this magic with the best company.
With only two available tickets I could only take one of my inseparable halves. Fortunately L. had family plans so my decision was made with no hair pulling or face scratching! JK. One of the many things I can say about my friends and our relationship is that the love we share is stronger even than a fashion show.
But enough with all this sentimentalism.
My companion for the day was A.
Now there is one thing you must know about A., and it is that her hair is what will get her killed some day. Gosh that sounds so intense! But seriously, her thick, spaghetti-straight, dark brown main is literally to-die-for.

So as she waved her Pocahontas hair and I rocked a bird-nest-bun, we most certainly felt like a bazillion dollars.

Here's to the best day in quite a while!

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