Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spot on!

After a week of being glued to my desk studying for exams, the signs of my stress-related-snacking ha d become undeniable. Not to mention the suffering I had inflicted on my social life with all my negative RSVP responses. 
So for my first free Saturday in over a week, I decided to hit two birds with one stone. I called my partner-in-everything, L., and planned an afternoon of shopping on Via del Corso. 

For all of those who don't live in Rome, shopping on Via del Corso equals to walking like you never have in your life, with shopping bags, equals to more exercise than I would ever get on any regular day, equals to minus ten pounds (I wish, but let's pretend), equals to a loud and echoing YES
And the fun doesn't stop here. Not only is this Holy Mecca fabulously adorned with the uncountable number of shops along its course, it is also right in the historical heart of one of my favorite cities in the world. 
Get a full immersion of culture, shopping and stretching, in company of the best shopping companion ever, and one of the top five in my "people-I-will-miss-the-most-when-I-leave" list, and forget the two birds, you can be sure you've hit a whole flock! 
Oh, and did I forget to mention it's Sales season? Yeah talk about the Perfect Day Ever huh?!

Well this perfect day turned out to be a major fail. 
Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little. Catching up on life with L. was enthralling, as always, and the illusion of some much-longed-for exercise quite gratifying. But returning home empty handed none of the above. Again, I have to surpass my tendency to magnify everything, for better or for worse, and let my rational self pitch in. I did end up with one of the best purchases, if not of my life, then almost. 
I am talking about the Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer.

I have been aching for a good concealer for so long I want to cry when I think about it. The fact is that my Mac Studio Finish concealer was both King and Queen of my makeup bag, but as soon as my college-application-process-stress started manifesting itself on my face, it failed me miserably. 
Now, I don't want to grief on my disappointment any longer than I have for the past week, but let me just tell you I was in desperate need for a miracle. And little did I know, miracles come in liquid skin-color form. And they have SPF. Not a lovely packaging though, if I must be honest.
Anyways, since I live by the "Never judge a book by its cover" rule, I decided to give it a try. 
Since my sixth sense was in favor and I was feeling quite bold, I skipped the practice and went for the final performance by wearing it on my skin that night. The final verdict?
As I looked at my tired reflection in my bathroom mirror, at 3am, the only thing stopping me from snagging that makeup remover and rushing to bed was my capital-F flawless looking skin. 

So I guess, at the end of the day, it is true that quality is way more important than quantity.

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