Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why, hello!

Jet lag is great.
Can you sense the irony there too?
It is 3:00am now in Rome and I am as awake as a child on Christmas morning!
As I was in the middle of raiding my chocolate stash I had a brilliant idea: since I always complain about how 24 hours is just NOT enough for a day, I can take this opportunity to check a few things off my To Do list! If exercising was already in last place it sounds even less appealing after finding my fresh, unopened Nutella jar. Unpacking? Ugh.. next task please? Yes, got it! I am going to write my very own blog.
I cannot tell you for how long I have been wanting to do this, and now, the fresh start of 2013 seems like the perfect time. The next five months will probably be the busiest of my life so far. I will have to CRAM for finals while getting ready to move to the U.S. and, last but NOT least, enjoy my last 7 months in Rome.
Wow, I guess 24 hours in a day REALLY is not enough!
I will admit, I am a little nervous about writing for the public. But hey, keeping a diary has been on my To Do list since I was 7 so no excuses this time! 

Time to begin this journey, enjoy the ride!

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