Monday, January 7, 2013

Good morning sunSHINE

I have never been a huge fan of shimmery makeup. 

For some reason, I always tend to stick to mat. Mat lips, mat skin, mat lids, mat everything. But after waking up at the crack of dawn, yet again thanks to my dear friend Jet Lag, I decided to add some shine to my dull and tired complexion. 

I instinctively pounced on the nearly un-used richly shimmery impulse purchases stuffed in the corners of my makeup collection, and took out my Origins 'Halo Effect' face illuminator Just a few taps along my cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid's bow and I was game, swept off my feet. I cannot believe for how long I have been stubbornly ignoring this makeup holy Graal! Not only is the golden glimmer (what initially scared me about the product!) oh so beautifully sparkly, but it completely transformed my Marilyn Manson-esc look in to a Marilyn Monroe worthy dewy complexion. Honestly I could not stop checking myself out in the mirror all morning! Not to mention how good of a mood I am in despite my cumulative lack of sleep!
Time to move over Hypnose Drama, someone is squeezing in to the favorites row! 

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